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For over twenty years Mobilspazio has been producing three lines of products for hotels. Furnishings for institutions, communities and residences which include hotel rooms, kitchens and one-piece space-saving foldaway beds.

Whether you wish to renew, decorateor rebuild an accommodation facility, Mobilspazio is able to propose a range of rooms in drum, solid wood or wicker. These roomsare produced in-house and can be seen in our showroomsituated in our company.

We are a leading manufacturer of mini kitchens and kitchenettes suitable for small spaces. Look at some examples of mini kitchens or furniture for hotels.

Our references
  • Hotel La Perla
    Hotel La Perla
  • Hotel de l'esperance
    Hotel de l'esperance
  • Hotel l'Esplan
    Hotel l'Esplan
  • Hotel Astra
    Hotel Astra
  • Hotel Azzi (Locanda degli Artisti)
    Hotel Azzi (Locanda degli Artisti)
  • Hotel Amelie
    Hotel Amelie
  • Hotel da Cesare
    Hotel da Cesare
  • Residence Petruso
    Residence Petruso
  • Hotel le Lion d'Argent
    Hotel le Lion d'Argent
  • Grand Hotel di Riccione
    Grand Hotel di Riccione
  • Hotel Villa en l'Ile
    Hotel Villa en l'Ile
  • Hotel Parisiana
    Hotel Parisiana
  • Acacia Hotel
    Acacia Hotel
  • The Paramount hotel
    The Paramount hotel
  • Hotel Central
    Hotel Central
  • Hotel Weber Ambassador
    Hotel Weber Ambassador
  • Camping al Cor
    Camping al Cor
  • Golf Margara
    Golf Margara
  • Camping Ca' Savio
    Camping Ca' Savio
  • Albergo Vittoria
    Albergo Vittoria
  • Residence Mareblù
    Residence Mareblù
  • Residence Lido
    Residence Lido
  • Orleans Parc Hotel
    Orleans Parc Hotel
  • Doric Bed
    Doric Bed
  • Hotel les Oceanes
    Hotel les Oceanes
  • Residence San Valentino
    Residence San Valentino
  • Art's Hotel
    Art's Hotel
  • Hotel Kriad
    Hotel Kriad
  • Hotel Emiliani
    Hotel Emiliani
  • Fasthotel
  • Ocean Point
    Ocean Point
  • Hotel dei pini
    Hotel dei pini
  • Hotel du Golfe
    Hotel du Golfe
  • Residence Mallia
    Residence Mallia
  • Hotel Villaggio Nevada
    Hotel Villaggio Nevada
  • Hotel du Royans
    Hotel du Royans
  • Hotel Villa des Bordes
    Hotel Villa des Bordes
  • Hotel Opal Cap d'Agde
    Hotel Opal Cap d'Agde
  • Hotel rosa
    Hotel rosa
  • Hotel Cantoria
    Hotel Cantoria
  • Hotel la Chaumiere
    Hotel la Chaumiere
  • Hotel le Commerce
    Hotel le Commerce
  • Hotel Quetzal
    Hotel Quetzal
  • Fast Hotel
    Fast Hotel
  • Hotel Marine
    Hotel Marine
  • Hotel Saint-Georges
    Hotel Saint-Georges
  • Residence America
    Residence America
  • Hotel Casci
    Hotel Casci
  • Hotel des Voyageurs
    Hotel des Voyageurs
  • Il limoneto di Ercole
    Il limoneto di Ercole
  • Hotel Atlantic
    Hotel Atlantic
  • Hotel Park Philip
    Hotel Park Philip
  • Hotel La Perle
    Hotel La Perle
  • Grand Hotel de l'Europe
    Grand Hotel de l'Europe
  • Espada Residence
    Espada Residence
  • Hotel Ibis Budget
    Hotel Ibis Budget
  • Residence Sette Cupole
    Residence Sette Cupole
  • Hotel Beausejour
    Hotel Beausejour
  • Casa vacanze Agostini
    Casa vacanze Agostini
  • Hotel Odessa
    Hotel Odessa
  • Hotel San Giorgio
    Hotel San Giorgio
  • Siciliamo - Il Baglio
    Siciliamo - Il Baglio
  • Casa di riposo 's.Bongioni'
    Casa di riposo 's.Bongioni'
  • Star of Rome
    Star of Rome
  • Auberge de la tour
    Auberge de la tour
  • Hotel no Logo
    Hotel no Logo
  • Hotel sant'anna
    Hotel sant'anna
  • Hotel Areo Club
    Hotel Areo Club
  • Hotel Pacific Blue
    Hotel Pacific Blue
  • Hotel Oreon
    Hotel Oreon
  • Hotel Villa Bianca
    Hotel Villa Bianca
  • Comfort Hotel Regina Perigueux
    Comfort Hotel Regina Perigueux
  • Auberge des vieux moulins
    Auberge des vieux moulins
  • Garni Seventy
    Garni Seventy
  • Hotel Ideal
    Hotel Ideal
  • Hotel le Haut des Lys
    Hotel le Haut des Lys
  • Villa Pallotta
    Villa Pallotta
  • Hotel la Rotonde
    Hotel la Rotonde
  • Borgo Cerasa
    Borgo Cerasa
  • Residence Oltremare
    Residence Oltremare

  • Consulenza e sopralluogo
    Consulting and inspection
    Custom designs for all the different types of structure, followed in all phases
  • 1000mq di Showroom
    1000mq Showroom
    Great exposure of all our products at our headquartes, visit us!
  • 1000mq di Showroom
    1000mq Showroom
  • Consulenza e sopralluogo
    Consulting and inspection

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italyRagione Sociale IDEA S.r.l. 
Sede in via maccari 1/a
60131 Ancona
Tel +39 071 2868423
Fax +39 071 2900374
N.REA: AN-154828
N. Registo Imprese Ancona: 
Capitale Sociale €11.000,00
P.IVA 02017470424

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